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Hannah Beatrice Quinn

Hannah Beatrice Quinn

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Hannah Beatrice Quinn

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Ever since she went to school to "make things" and subsequently graduated with a BFA in Furniture Design, Hannah Quinn has been interested in the way people interact with everyday objects. This interest has spawned her exploration of home goods and domestic tools. Stools, brooms, dustpans, flatware, hangers, and tableware are just the beginning.

Before she understood what craft and art were, Hannah was interested in the way things fit together. Her passion for craft has sparked an interest in functional art that is playful and interactive; furniture and sculpture with strong personalities. She has said, “my hands are my most important tool in communicating my ideas in three dimensional form. What I create is a reflection of me and my quirks.” Often in her work you will find a repetition of materials and forms, with a visible connection between the process and the final product.

Products from Hannah Beatrice Quinn

  • Wood Rolling Pin| Handmade in USA



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