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Cultural Chromatics Calls Makers Market "The Spot" at Santana Row

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Cultural Chromatics

Cultural Chromatics is a blog run by three impressive young ladies. In their article they call out Makers Market as one of the top shopping spots to hit while at Santana Row. Check out the full article to see where else they claim as "must -see" in Santana Row!


Cultural Chromatics

Cultural Chromatics

An Interview with Our Founder

Our founder and CEO, Suzy Ekman, appeared on Entrepreneur Podcast Network to discuss how she broke into the established retail industry with American made products. Listen to her conversation with host, Eric Dye, as she gives insight into why she started Makers Market, the American Made movement, and the challenges of starting her own business. "There is [...]

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Recipe - Bourbon Milk Punch

Lovin' this holiday recipe from W&P Designs! The Mason Shaker has been a favorite this holiday season!Bourbon Milk PunchOne of our team members found a cocktail recipe tucked into a book while home for the holidays. The recipe dated back to the 1950s and laid out a simple formula for a classic southern milk [...]

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Faribault Woolen Mill Heritage - Since 1865

We are thrilled to be offering Faribault Woolen Mills products. We honor those family-owned businesses that have survived for generations!With the loss of 650 American textile mills between 1997 and 2009, it is difficult for our makers to find American-made textiles to use in their products. At Makers Market, we try extra hard [...]

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A Chat with Christina Nicole

All day today one of our lovely makers, Christina Nicole is taking over our Instagramto share her jewelry making process (new Spring hairpins and other new beauties for us!) and give us a glimpse into her world of making and gardening in the North Carolina countryside.Your motto is “WE ARE MADE TO CONQUER MOUNTAINS” [...]

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