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Our Story

Makers Market - Rebuilding the Legacy of American Made

There was a time when our communities were more connected. When iron gates were custom built by the village blacksmith, when the older generation passed on their skills to the younger ones, and when consumers knew exactly where their goods came from and who made them.

It was before the hustle and bustle of shopping in superstores - overwhelming with their sea of products that are out of touch, generic, and mass-produced with no face, no story, no meaning behind the product.

We knew we weren’t the only ones craving authentic goods... goods with the sign of the soul or the mark of a proud maker. 

So we started our search, with a desire to rebuild the legacy of handmade and American craftsmanship.

Makers Market

Growing up in the Deep South, Makers Market founder Suzy Ekman spent precious time alongside her father in his workshop learning, making, and listening to stories.

They traveled regularly through the countryside discovering potters, blacksmiths, textile weavers, and furniture makers.  Watching these artisans create their products and chatting with them about their lives and how they learned their craft instilled a deep appreciation for those who design and make beautiful product with their hands.

These experiences sparked the current feel of Makers Market - like you are one on one with a master craftsman in their workshop, hearing their tales as they create.  

If you're here, you're like us.

You crave authenticity and seek out timeless and well-designed goods. 

Makers Market is our gift to you. You’ll find products that honor the ideals of American Craftsmanship – where leather, metal, glass, clay, textiles and wood are transformed into timeless family treasures.  You’ll find products that are sustainably made – either reclaimed, recycled, upcycled, or produced with ethically sourced materials.

The works curated on this site are meant to be conversation pieces, meant to add special meaning to the items we use every day while adding beauty to our homes.



Meet the Artists, Designers, and Craftsmen

Our products are proudly made in America and made by real people – with faces and studios and stories.

You'll discover Makers who are second and third generation craftsmen; where rich tradition has been passed down through generations and made fresh and relevant today. 

We aim to celebrate a movement that is both steeped in tradition, and relevant to the modern world.  

Makers Market is a return to the good ol’ days in a brand new way…

We started our search in San Francisco, an epicenter of the modern Maker Movement. We searched for the most well-designed and authentic products from the most intriguing folks we could find. 

They say the thrill is in the hunt, and we are here to attest that it’s true! From unmarked entrances in the Castro District to old industrial buildings in SoMa, from a ferry ride to Sausalito studios, and to the dozens of home studios our Makers graciously welcomed us into.

We wanted to know everything about the makers and their products – where they seek inspiration, where they source materials, what their passions are – and more.

From there we continued our hunt, scouring the 50 States... 

your part...

By purchasing products on our site, you will be supporting innovation in America, the Maker Movement, and keeping craftsmanship alive. You will be helping a Maker live their dream. You can choose products that are sustainably made to have a positive impact on the environment. And a percentage of your sale proceeds will be donated to local non-profits the makers are affiliated with.

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