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Brooklyn Grooming

Brooklyn Grooming

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When McKenzie and Alfredo met, they discovered they shared the same love for design and had simliar core values. They both agreed that beauty was rooted from authenticity. This similiarity was incorporated and embeded in their recipes and business practices from packaging to preparation and beyond.
"We strive to underscore our every action with what is simple and natural."

Every batch of every product is dosed, measured and prepared by hand in their studio in Brooklyn, New York. Nothing is mass-produced in some factory on a conveyor belt and they believe that it is exactly what their consumer needs. The passion, the precision and the love they pour into every balm, wax and serum is passed—quite literally—from their hands to yours. The top secret recipes include organic vegetable butters, beeswax, herbs and essential oil, all trusted ingredients revered since antiquity for their healthful and beautifying properties. There are no chemicals or industrial byproducts like the ones found in most cosmetics today. McKenzie and Alfredo house their products in vintage amber tinctures and old-fashioned pomade tins. The “apothecary aesthetic” recalls classic elegance, and it suggests a simpler time when grooming was paramount in our society to all men.
"How you present yourself to the world is important. It affects both how you are perceived and how you feel. So we’re honored that you’d trust us to help. We won’t let you down." - McKenzie & Alfredo 

Products from Brooklyn Grooming

  • Beard and Mustache Comb


  • Beard Brush


  • Commando Beard Oil


  • Beard Soap


  • Old School Promade



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