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W&P Design Bourbon Milk Punch Recipe

Bourbon Milk PunchOne of our team members found a cocktail recipe tucked into a book while home for the holidays. The recipe dated back to the 1950s and laid out a simple formula for a classic southern milk punch. We got inspired and created our version of the recipe: the Bourbon Milk Punch.In this cocktail [...]

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The Power of a Hand-Crafted Gift

Today one of our metalsmiths, Corey Egan stopped by to drop off a gift. It’s been so busy in the store with everyone Christmas shopping, so we were only able to give each other a quick hug and some season’s greetings. When I came home tonight…sat down to open the gift which came in [...]

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Corey Egan (SF Jeweler) Coming to Our Shop 12/20!

Meet Corey Egan, Sunday December 20th. Shop exclusive pieces and learn about her craft! RSVP HERE. Her Story:Corey Egan’s jewelry is the beautiful result of her love of nature and fascination with texture – one she’s been nurturing since an early age. As a child growing up in Michigan, she was [...]

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Some More Blogger Love: Our Opening Reception

Some more blogger love! The lovely Micaela Hoo of the San Francisco style blog Drifter & the Gypsy gave a great review of our opening reception and snapped some excellent pictures! See the original post here or take a look at what Micaela said below:Last Thursday was the Makers Market grand opening party. I was [...]

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Juniper Ridge’s Wild Harvested Tea – Where was it Harvested?

We are big fans of our new maker Juniper Ridge – who forage all their scents from the wilderness. One our favorite products is the Douglas Fir Spring Tea made from 100% wild harvested Douglas Fir. But we promise you it doesn’t taste like trees–more like citrus. The tea is [...]

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How to Care for Leather Bags

We have a lot of new leather bags for the Makers Market fall season. They arrive at our store lovingly swaddled in protective packaging. Each bag is a work of art and the product of a maker’s hard work and dedication to their craft. We have a lot of customers purchase a [...]

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After a successful 6 week pop-up, Makers Market stays for another year at Westfield San Francisco.Every now and then in life, short-term expectations unexpectedly turn out to have long-term potential. For Makers Market, SF, nothing could be better. At the end of 2014, Makers Market, an online retailer displaying a collective of American Made hand-crafted [...]

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Welcome to Juniper Ridge!

It’s an eventful time for us here at Makers Market. We’ve opened our first brick and mortar location in downtown San Francisco and our collective of artisans is steadily growing. We are getting ready for our Grand Opening Reception this Thursday the 27th [...]

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What San Francisco is Saying About Makers Market

It has been one month since we first opened our doors. We wanted to create a community space where locals and visitors could stop by and see what American-made looks like today. We’ve been having an incredible time and it looks like we’re getting noticed…Makers Market is an online retailer – and now [...]

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American Craft Council SF Show

Local makers Len Carella and Hannah Beatrice QuinnLast weekend the Makers Market team along with a few of our local makers posted up at the American Craft Council’s San Francisco show at Fort Mason. We’re big fans of ACC and it was so great to be surrounded by the diversity of craft our San [...]

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