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Saturday Sips: Iced Matcha Latte

from W&P DesignI am really into matcha as a coffee alternative in the afternoon- it is a great mellow caffeine that gives you a boost of afternoon energy without the crash two hours later! It is also a great source of antioxidants and is genuinely refreshing unlike some coffee drinks! W&P lists their favorite matcha [...]

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Zero Waste Alternatives

from Trash is for TossersIn our disposable world it seems nearly impossible to go waste free, as in creating ABSOLUTELY no trash or waste in any part of your life. Well, Lauren Singer lives in New York and is doing just that. This is the amount of trash that she has created in TWO YEARS [...]

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Maker Spotlight: Alana Rivera of Etta +Billie!

We love our makers and love when they are in the spotlight! All of our makers work so hard to perfect their craft and get their name out there- that’s why we were thrilled to see Alana Rivera of the shop Etta + Billie on the Etsy featured artists page! Check out the story below, [...]

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Saturday Sips: The Jalapeño Avocado Margarita

This drink may sound strange, but in all the right ways. Summertime sounds like the perfect time to take some CA avocados, jalapeños and then add some tequila to the mix for a smooth yet spicy drink. Cheers!from W&P DesignTHE JALAPEÑO AVOCADO MARGARITA SHOP THIS RECIPEThe Jalapeño Avocado Margarita It’s easy to equate avocados with guacamole, [...]

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Saturday Sips: Honey-Berry Lemonade

SHOP THIS RECIPESweeten Up Your Day With The Honey-Berry LemonadePresenting the third drink in our Farmer’s Market Cocktail Series: The Honey-Berry Lemonade! Muddling fresh farmer’s market berries into this non-alcoholic cocktail creates a refreshing take on a homemade lemonade, infused with the flavors of summer, that’s a far cry from the powdered mix you’ll find [...]

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Mercedes Benz Insider Tips San Jose

From Mercedes Benz Insider Shopping Tips:We were thrilled to be featured in Mercedes Benz Insider Tips for the San Jose Area, as one of only three shopping destinations chosen. See why Mercedes Benz thinks Makers Market is worth the trip below! MAKERS MARKET LivingAmerican-made goods for a new generation. The DIY spirit is alive and well [...]

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Makers Market Santana Row Grand Opening

Reblogged from Oh My DrifterA few weeks ago, I shot the grand opening for Makers Market. You may remember the photos I took at the grand opening party for their San Francisco location. Suzy, the owner, most recently closed down her SF location and opened up a brand new store in Santana Row, San Jose.Makers [...]

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Three Ways to Celebrate Handmade Goods with Makers Market

Reblogged from StyleNikIf you missed the Makers Market fair last month, I have good news: you have three more opportunities to join in the festivities and shop the beautiful, handmade wares and meet some of the makers in person. This Saturday July 9 from 11am until 6pm, head to San Jose’s Santana Row for work [...]

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Makers Market in the Park and Market Favorite Marja Germans Gard

Here at Makers Market our mission is to Rebuild the Legacy of American Made, reconnecting consumers with the origin of their products and the people that make them is our number one priority. We think that when people know what the products they buy are made of, and who makes them and where, it not [...]

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Saturday Sips: The Rosemary Mint Mule

Looking for the perfect summer drink to cool off with? In this installment of ‘Saturday Sips’ we are loving this twist on the super popular moscow mule using some fresh herbs! Using our best selling Mason Barware set, making the perfect cocktail is so easy! Check out the recipe below:THE ROSEMARY MINT MULEfrom W&P Design SHOP [...]

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