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Rebecca Scott

Rebecca Scott

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Rebecca Scott

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Rebecca Scott is many things. She is a jeweler, a mother, an artisan, a designer, and a fashion enthusiast. Her childhood was filled with creativity and a love of working with her hands. From drawing, to sewing her own clothes, to crocheting, Rebecca was excited to try it all. 

To pursue her career and passion, she studied the fine arts and moved to where art thrived, San Francisco. In SF, she worked for a clothing designer that fueled her love for creative design. This opportunity led her to wanting to create her own business. She saw successful female entrepreneurs and was inspired to follow others in the journey of owning a business to call her own. 

Years later and after becoming pregnant with her first child, she realized her calling was to design her own jewelry line. Rebecca Scott Jewelry represents her life journey that has brought her to where she is now. All materials she sources, gems she hand picks, wire she hand wraps, all were because of her creative path of exploration. She takes pride in perfecting each strand and hopes you too can proudly wear one of her pieces. 

Products from Rebecca Scott

  • Rose Gold chain


  • Triple Strand Gemstone Bracelet



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