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Mabel Chong

Mabel Chong

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Mabel Chong, a jeweler and artisan, grew up in rural China and her success story is quite a story to tell. From a young age, Mabel understood the sacrifice her mother made just to make sure Mabel was taken care of, fed, and healthy, like any parent does. Now, being a mother of two daughters and a wife, Mabel has made it a point to honor her own mother with the jewelry label she has designed. She hopes that women will wear her pieces, be inspired to be confident, and fearless in their fashion. She wants to bring out the "beautiful spirit" of every woman. 

She currently resides in San Francisco, CA with her lovely family. 


Products from Mabel Chong

  • Island Snow Necklace


  • Mixed Double-Strand Pyrite Necklace


  • Mixed Strand Necklace with Gold Rings



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