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H Luv Fabrications is the brainchild of Heidi Iverson. Having worked with fabric nearly all of her life, Heidi began exploring the form and fashion of dolls and plush toys in her own inimitable style. 
She takes great care in selecting the materials utilized in her work. Using scrap, up-cycled and repurposed fabrics, along with durable linen and wool felt, allows her to create stunning inventions with minimal resource impact. 
All works are unique. Variations in color, fabric and style occur in each and every doll. 
Heidi is an Aquarius and Fire Dragon. After successfully defending her baccalaureate thesis that Love is a Pink Cake, she left the Midwestern college town she razed with her power of cute to spread her infectious inventive modern postmodern folk art around the Bay Area and beyond.

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  • Stuffed Rabbit - American Made


    $50.00 $35.00

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