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Akiko Oguchi was born and raised in Japan and upon moving to the United States, her bright-eyed curiosity with the great outdoors has taken her to many awe-inspiring destinations. Wherever she explored, she was always in the loving company of two things: vibrant colors that warmed and excited the soul, and the joyous embrace of both locals and fellow travelers. Venturing out to new lands and plunging head first into their culture, language and food has always pulled her heart strings.

GOOD COMPANY WARES showcases the happy balance of the expressive colors of the Southwest with a refined simplistic aesthetic. Akiko's hope is to inspire you and bring back fond memories you experienced from great adventures in new lands.

All GOOD COMPANY products are designed and handcrafted with care in her Northern California  studio using high quality materials to ensure durability and sustainability of each item.

Products from Good Company

  • Southwestern Throw Pillow


  • Hanging Canvas Planter Striped



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