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Girls Can Tell

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Girls Can Tell gift co. is the brainchild of Sara Selepouchin Villari. Having decided she wanted to be an architect at a very young age, Sara took years of mechanical drawing classes throughout middle school + high school, and attended the architecture school at the University of Virginia. After graduating and working in the field for a few years, she began printing her annotated illustrations onto useful things as gifts for friends. Realizing that she much preferred making gifts to drawing building details, she founded the Girls Can Tell gift co. in 2006.

Sara's years of mechanical drawing experience, along with her love of fun, useful things, are the primary inspirations behind the Girls Can Tell collection. The belief that surrounding yourself with things that make you smile is important is what it's all about. Most items are printed locally, and everything is sourced as responsibly as possible. New designs and items are introduced often to keep things fresh and fun.

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  • Wine Tea Towel



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