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Ferdinand's was established in 2012 by Dane and Bonnie Alderfer. Dane is the maker and Bonnie is the mover and the shaker. Each piece is made-to-order start to finish in their studio in Ballard, Washington.

"Leather is durable, functional, beautiful… it gets better with age as long as you take care of it, which you can. There’s something about things you can maintain that has been lost in our disposable society."

Their goal is to design and execute heirloom quality goods using the finest natural and domestic materials available.

"I'm inspired by the irregularity in handcrafted goods. The beautiful imperfection. It's a cool thing."

Products from Ferdinand's

  • Cowhide Cross Body


  • Convertible leather backpack


  • Cowhide Backpack


    $375.00 $279.00
  • Denim and leather backpack



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