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After working for two internationally renowned jewelry designers, selling to top US retailers and working with numerous customers, Christine Fail decided to take her talents into forming her own jewelry. With a BFA in studio art, Christine turned her passion of art and design into her handmade jewelry line, Fail crafting in her studio in Austin, Texas. With a mission to supply handmade, made-to-last, durable jewelry at accessible prices, each piece is handcrafted in 14K gold-fill, sterling silver, and brass. Each piece has an elegance, and organic, delicate, modern touch. Fail encapsulates the beautiful spirit of Austin and the pieces work effortlessly with casual daytime or evening time wear.

Products from Fail

  • Arc Collar Brass Necklace


  • Beaded Crescent Earrings


  • Fail Beaded hoop earrings


  • Brass and Silver Earrings



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