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San Francisco-based Ethan Jamison’s first sewing memory is from childhood, when he would sneak into his mother’s sewing room to fix his broken backpacks. “I was really young, so I would just jam the machine or break all the needles – she banned me from using it,” says the man behind Ethanmade, a line of meticulously crafted waxed canvas backpacks – perfectly styled for urban living

Thankfully for us, he wasn’t deterred from a life of sewing– and began creating simple, utilitarian bags in college – just anything to help him carry his laundry or books.  In 2009 he got more serious, trading subpar materials for American-made waxed canvas and leather and starting to sell his designs under the name Ethanmade, complete with a stylish “e” stamped into each finished piece – a nod to his grandfather.

“My grandpa used to be a prototype tool maker for a company out of Massachusetts and would spend hours making them. When he was finished he would stamp each tool with one little letter.  At a flea market I found this “e” stamp – and thought of him. I now use that stamp on all of my bags.”

Now he splits his time between creating for his business and a full time job at a design firm, upping his sewing machine breaking days to ones filled with creation – and maybe even a little obsession?

“I really like sewing machines – I have a little collection going. They’re mechanically cool and good looking to me.”


Products from Ethanmade

  • Waxed canvas backpack | Black


    $210.00 $157.50
  • Penny pack - Tan


    $210.00 $150.00
  • EthanMade backpack - Navy


    $260.00 $195.00
  • Grace Pack - Tan


    $260.00 $195.00

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