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How to Create a Balanced Lifestyle

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As a graduating college student, marketing intern at Makers Market, and owner of a small photography business, I am always in need to create an oasis in my hectic life. I never used to pay attention to the idea of having a "balance" when I was younger. I just assumed that you can go about your day and just accept all the chaos that happens. 

Now, I understand that Google calendars are necessary, appointments are important, and free time starts to dwindle. Creating that schedule for yourself that allows your body to work and get rest, is one of the most difficult tasks of this time. Here are some tips that I recommend to at least get you started on taking a plan of action to create a more balanced, hopefully stress-free, schedule. 

1) Start planning. I love planners. I think they really do keep you in check, organized, and more on task. I prefer larger planners that allow me to see the week and month. I can see my set goals, upcoming appointments, and when you get mark those items as finished, you feel accomplished at the end of the day. 

2) Time your time. This sounds redundant, but try it! If you put a time limit on some of your activities, you can see how much time you really need to complete a task. Sometimes I will get too involved in editing a series of photos. I can take up to 2 hours just going through photos and critiquing each one. It is important to prioritize your tasks with a limit so that you do not get wrapped up in one thing.

3) Say no to going out all the time. There is no doubt your friend(s) will invite you to every social gathering they are at. Sometimes you know you shouldn't go out, spend more money, and procrastinate on your work. Friends understand. I see my friends on the weekdays at school, or passing and then schedule metime and family time the rest of the week. Balancing your friendships and family is very important!

4) Tidy up. Cleaning is proven to provide you with a sense of accomplishment. Cleaning away clutter you see every day can help you clean up your stress in your mind. 

5) SLEEP. Yes, adults need at least 8 hours of sleep. What helps me is shutting off all screen time 30 minutes before I sleep. Often times I scroll through social media at night on my phone and laptop. My eyes end up hurting from the bright phone screen. My brain starts running and I have a hard time falling asleep. Shutting off that phone and letting your brain rest is quite critical. 

I hope all these tips can help you balance all you do in a day, giving you peace of mind. With a stable balance, I do know that I am less stressed, less tired, and more inclined to put 100% energy into all my job roles. 

And a small re-cap of our Grand Opening Party at Walnut Creek. Thank you to all who came and celebrated with us! We appreciate your love and loyalty to our mission. Here are some pictures of the event! 

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