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De-stressing is a Blessing

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You can do anything, but not everything 

Does anyone feel like life gets a little too hectic and chaotic? That is such a rhetorical question! OF COURSE LIFE GETS HECTIC. The most important thing to remember is that life is not always about rushing. It is okay to put your stress on hold, pause life, and take time to de-stress. Set aside time for you and don't worry about completing that long task list ahead of you. It will eventually get done sooner or later.

Here are some tips and pointers that I recommend to help ease the stress in life:

1) Do a day trip. It's hard to take a week off for a getaway, so vacation right here in California. Pick a city you have always wanted to go to, select a day trip buddy who is a great navigator and DJ, and research what's around that city. Just a city away from where you are can be a whole eye opener and can let you see some different sites. 

2) Work it out. Sometimes all you need is a run to yourself, or a hike alone. Exercising and doing something physical, can relieve that stress, or tension built up in your body. 

3) See a friend. It's such a blessing to have that one friend in your life that just knows how to have a care-free attitude and it's uplifting to be around such people. 

4) Pamper yourself! As my good friends on Parks and Rec, Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford say, "Treat yo self"! Do an indoor spa day for just you. 

We have all the de-stressing products you need to plan some time to have a day to yourself. 

Seaweed + Charcoal mask- Give your face a fresh new look. The rich seaweed powder and charcoal is the perfect dynamic duo to replenish your skin and give you that recharge your skin needs.

Teakwood and Tobacco candle- Base notes of aged teak and sandalwood, with a hint of muskiness from patchouli essential oil.This is our best selling candle, and a great introduction for both men and women.

Floral Bath soak- Soak up your troubles and put this in your bath water for a relaxing spa. The dead sea salts are made to sooth and nourish at the same time.

The Healer essential oil- An essential oil blend for the mind, body, and spirit. Balance your life with this "healer." Great for headaches and migraines. Apply on pressure points, temples, wrists, nape of the neck or anywhere else you carry stress. 

Rose Petal Hydration spray- Just a few sprays can help you feel light and airy. Made from pure hibiscus rose infused oil, this rose petal hydrosol spray can be used as a gentle toner and moisturizer to keep you feeling pretty. 

Stop by our Walnut Creek and Santana Row locations to try these products out, or check them out online! Happy WEEKEND! 


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