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Boho Bag Essentials

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Summer means sunshine. Sunshine means more adventures. And we ALL know what more adventures means?! You will need that bag to carry all your essentials for the day trips, outings, farmers market runs, and shopping sprees. 

I know for a fact that my life is filled with places to see and so I need a tote bag that fits the summer, fits the hectic life, and fits my style. Here is a bag essential guide that I have put together to help you consider what boho bag speaks to you AND what you might need in your boho bag.

Boho Bag

Maker: Future Glory 

Handcrafted in SF, this full-grain leather and Pendleton wool tote is THE boho bag to start off with. Great size, great design, and one-of-a-kind. 

Ezra Arthur Wallet

Maker: Ezra Arthur 

Handmade in Arizona. Bison Made wallets are made from the highest quality leather and are made to last. Keeps your phone, money, and cards all safe in one place!

Carry on Cocktail Kit

Maker: W&P Design

Pop some bubbly on the go! For the farther distance summer travelers, carry this kit with you on those long flights and take a load off. 

Pendleton Clutch

Maker: Appetite 

These perfect clutches can work as a great cosmetic bag to throw in all your touch-up makeup items, pencils, pens, or travel items. Handmade in Oregon, the Pendleton wool and brown leather creates a great combo. Put this clutch in the purse or take it out and carry just the bare minimum. 

Cowhide keychain

Maker: Hatton Henry

Sturdy enough to keep your keys in check, this durable brass key chain is handmade from Texas with hair on hide leather. Add that final little touch to your boho bag.  

Spiced Chai Hand cream

Maker: Whiskey, Ink&Lace

Smells like a beach bonfire, mixed with toasty cinnamon aromas. This hand cream is handmade in Washington and will be a soothing hand cream for the heat, or sun. 

Lip and cheek stain

Maker: Among the Flowers

2 in 1! Lips losing color? No problem! Need blush for your cheeks? No problem. This Hibiscus Petal lip and cheek stain will do both jobs for you. The creamy and muted pigment in the lip and cheek stain has all natural ingredients and oils. All products by Among the Flowers is handmade right here in Northern California. 

I hope you find the perfect essentials for your summer travels! Happy exploring!

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