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Jen Lorang of Alchemilla handcrafts her sustainable and ethically sourced jewelry in her loft in Oakland, California. With the current mining practices which include child worker exploitation and environmental degradation, Jen practices her craft using dead stock and vintage materials made and found in the USA. Each piece is designed by hand with genuine attention to detail and craftsmanship, with deep respect for other communities and cultures. Jen's art embodies authenticity as each piece turns every day life into expressions of personal creativity. The reclaimed materials used in each piece help to reshape and uphold a more conscious and respectful perspective in fashion, art, and the world.

Products from Alchemilla

  • Statement necklace | Made in California


  • Upcycled Drop Earrings with Vintage Chain


  • Seven Bars Necklace


  • Alchemilla Simple Brass Earrings


  • Handmade Woven Tag Necklace



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