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Your Nest Inspired is the brain child of Anna Noel, an industrial designer who prides herself in being a problem solver. A graduate of the Academy of Art In San Francisco’s Industrial and Furniture Design program, she is passionate about small scale product and furniture design and aims to fulfill practical needs while adding her signature materials into the mix.

Anna creates no-nonsense products out of no-nonsense materials - unfinished hardwoods and concrete. “I don’t add chemicals like stains or lacquer to my pieces. Over time, the oils from someone’s hands will patina the wood to make it a truly personal item,” Anna says.

She uses clean and simple lines in her designs, with uniform pieces of wood looking like tidy little soldiers left over at the end of the work day.  Anna believes in using as much of her materials as possible, leaving very little waste. It’s this commitment to minimizing waste coupled with her unexpected designs that help Anna push even her own boundaries.

 “I had a large order for my business card holders, and when I was done – had a large pile of wood scrap. I figured there had to be a way for me to use them so I layered a few pieces together with graphite running down the middle and came up with these great carpenter’s pencils,” Anna recalls.

Through her time spent selling at craft fairs, Anna has found the Maker Movement making a return in a big way, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area.

 “It feels so good to see someone who actually cares about where their products are made. People just need to be educated that things like these are available and they don’t have to settle for the lack of quality and attention to detail of mass production.”


Products from Your Nest Inspired

  • Wooden Business Card Holder



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