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Todd Bradlee Furniture

Todd Bradlee Furniture

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Todd Bradlee Furniture

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Todd Bradlee's award winning furniture is a stunning fusion of art and function.  With bedside tables whose drawers swing to the side and dressers that are jointed at multiple pivot points, Todd pushes the architecture of furniture to new heights. 

"To me, furniture becomes art when a great design is beautifully made.  Sometime during the Industrial Revolution, functional art was misplaced, and has ever since been travelling down a bumpy road to recognition in the world of art.", Todd says.  

Todd's designs start with an idea and then move to paper.  He will perform countless sketches before he finds one he is happy with. Woods are then studied and selected to ensure the grains will uphold the design.

As a Boston native, Todd’s woodworking education began at the age of 7, tinkering in his school’s wood shop and in his father’s garage. His childhood years were spent experimenting with the tools and material that would shape his career, starting at age 18 as a carpenter.

He continued to perfect his carpentry skills, eventually falling in love with furniture making. “When trying to decide what I was going to do for a living, I knew that what I was best at was custom woodworking and that I wanted to make beautiful furniture the focus of my trade,” Todd says.

The furniture making tradition in New England offered a community of furniture masters that influenced Todd’s craft before moving to the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California in 2003 where he began an apprenticeship with another woodworker he now shares his 1800 sq. ft. workshop with.  He refers to his current home as "the most inspirational place I have ever lived in the world."

Todd finds that his clientele appreciates well-designed, high quality pieces that can become treasured family hierlooms.

Products from Todd Bradlee Furniture

  • Adjustable Desk Clock


  • Triangle Mirror - Cherry


  • Piggy Bank Box-Padauk


  • Piggy Bank Box


  • Low stool - Walnut and Maple


  • Maple Triangle Table With Three Chairs


  • Low Stool - Maple


  • Curvey Maple Dresser



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