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Three-Thirty-Three cuffs are handmade in the Pacific Northwest by artist Whit Poor. After 6 years of traveling the world as a professional windsurfer, Whit found himself living and working in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge building monumental metal art.  Five years later as an accomplished metal sculptor and fabricator he created the first round of 333 cuffs as a sort of “reprieve” from the rigors and challenges of large scale art fabrication. These were made from the leftover steel from various sculptures, and at first were very intricate with multiple levels often time leaving them looking rough and unrefined. As the years progressed, he refined the process in order to produce a cleaner and more consistent product that you now see in the line of 333 cuffs. The designs of 333 are created from the artist’s knowledge of metalworking and the various processes involved with producing unique results. 333 cuffs are a new, unique, artistic, and bold look to an age-old art form. All cuffs are handmade in Hood River Oregon out of series 304 Stainless Steel and all of the steel is locally sourced and manufactured in the US. 

Three-thirty-three is a special number for a variety of different reasons, but in this case it is actually fairly simple. Three-hundred of three styles of three sizes. That way, once the first 900 are made, it will be time to begin another round with 3 completely different designs.  Thus, each cuff will be 1 of only 300 to ever exist.  A portion of the proceeds from each cuff goes to the Pacific-based conservation group Positive H2O to support the effort to reduce waste and cleanup our ocean and river habitats. 

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