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San Francisco-based Samantha Cisneros of Shapes & Colors Textiles has fond memories of crafting from a young age – her father was a carpenter and her grandmother taught her how to sew when she was 8 years old. “I remember going to the fabric store with my grandmother and loving the rows and rows of bolts of fabric,” she recalls.

Now, Samantha is a one-woman fabric and paper textile studio merging folk art with mid-century design and sustainability - just watching her work is like peeking behind the wizard’s curtain.

When she gets an idea – Samantha first draws the design on paper before painting and cutting out each design – in order to get a full 3D view.

Her intricate and bold geometric images are then transferred to the highest quality textured fabric by hand through a silk screening process that utilizes inks she custom mixes – and then she sews her pillows, towels, napkins and more by hand.

Of her process, Samantha says, “I like that I can be in control of every piece along the way to make it exactly as I had imagined it.”

With so much attention to detail, it is no surprise Samantha is conscious of the organic fabric she uses and the environmentally friendly water-based, biodegradable ink she mixes. Her organic cotton and hemp fabric promotes eco-friendliness as well as durability and softness. “Sustainability in textiles is very important to me, as I believe in creating beautiful things that do not negatively impact the environment,” she says.

“I like to make pretty things and I love the idea of someone bringing them into their homes. I imagine my textiles make someone’s home bright and happy,” she says.

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