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ScoutX2 (scout-by-two) is a collaboration of two artists, Constance Sepulveda via New York and Marisa Keris via Alabama, using natural materials to create minimalist leather and canvas accessories.

Their mission is to seek and extract the spirit of vintage goods. Inspired by American style and tradition, they integrate natural and refurbished materials to create modern, functional works of art. ScoutX2 handmade products honor the "timeless", speaking to a new aesthetic language of contemporary American design.

As the designers and makers of Scout By Two, Constance and Marisa work from Brooklyn and Alabama, respectively, on handmade leather and waxed canvas bags. Influenced by their studies in painting and furniture design at the Rhode Island School of Design, they make beautiful, minimalist accessories for eco-fashion conscious women.

Their story is unique. They work cross-country from studios in Brooklyn, NY and Tuscumbia, Alabama. Both (North & South) locations influence their style and grant them exposure to different cultures. They work that inspiration and cultural research into their products by simplifying their designs to meet the needs of women looking for utilitarian fashion.

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