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For Scott Lelikoff, the difference between mass-produced items and those that are handcrafted is simple. “Each (handcrafted) piece has a different feel to it, almost a soul,” he says. This architect-turned leatherworker knows a lot about handcrafted pieces, as each piece he creates is hand-cut, hand-dyed hand-stitched, and hand-assembled by him, creating a line of growler and wine bottle carriers worthy of envy.

A graduate of Cal Poly, Scott turned his love of form and function into leatherwork after a bicycling trip had him pedaling through dozens of breweries and wineries on the road from San Francisco to Seattle. Knowing he would be passing through literally dozens of quaffable opportunities, Scott designed and handmade what would become Pedal Happy’s first bicycle growler carrier. Understandably so, his carrier turned lots of heads and Scott decided he shouldn’t be the only one taking advantage of his genius idea.

For years, he had wanted to run his own business to be able to design his own products and allow time for his passions of biking and snowboarding.  So Scott honed his skills by taking leather classes and decided to rely on his architecturally-trained eye to meticulously craft each piece. He loves the challenge of working with the natural imperfections in the leather, and hand dyes each piece to allow for beautifully etched details.  Pedal Happy’s growler and wine carriers combine beauty and function flawlessly, soul and all. 

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