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There is a sense of calmness and peace as you walk on the beach. The sound of waves lapping the shore, the sight of seagulls drifting in the winds, the smell of sea water – it’s these elements and more held in each piece of Ocean Inspirations jewelry handmade by Rebecca Lowman.

Growing up in the coastal city of San Luis Obispo instilled in Rebecca a life-long love affair with the ocean, and has kept her visits to the shoreline frequent - ensuring ample opportunities to grow her 10 year collection of sea glass, shells and beach stones.

After years of collecting these treasures, the concept of turning them into beautiful jewelry sparked the idea for Ocean Inspirations. I’ve been collecting sea glass for a long time. The glass at Ocean Beach is particularly smooth and weathered. I love the look and feel of it,” says Rebecca.

As a resident of the Sunset District of San Francisco, Rebecca takes regular trips to Ocean Beach for gathering sea and sun-kissed supplies. Now an expert beach comber, she knows where to find the real gems. Rebecca states, “There is one spot in particular I love to visit. The sea glass I find there is stunning!”

Rebecca combines her finds with silvers and coppers, pairing them nicely with the green, brown and clear glass. She keeps her designs simple as to not overpower that one special element of the piece, to give its newly purposed life a chance to shine brightly.

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