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It was a cold winter’s night in 2011 when Joel Young paused for a moment when stoking his fire.

Just before he let the log loose to the flames, he paused, surveyed the naturally twisted hunk of white oak in his hands, and decided that instead of sacrificing the log to the fire gods he would do something to preserve its beauty.

A few chunks of wood later, Joel’s vision became fully realized – a smart phone dock that beautifully married nature with technology. Now, Joel claims he has more wood than he knows what to do with and says on any given day you can either find him bent over his saw or tramping through the forest searching for fallen logs to lovingly sand into one of his sturdy works of functional art.

“Each piece of wood has its own character. You can’t just put it into a machine and make thousands of them – and that means it’s time consuming, but it’s fun. I’d much rather be doing this than be stuck in a suit in an office in the city.”

Being in a suit isn’t just a saying, before starting Dock Artisan Joel was a stockbroker at eTrade, working in San Francisco. He refers to that time as “reality,” while his work at Dock Artisan is a dream.

His favorite part of his work is the design process and finding new ways to innovate, no small task when your raw materials are expected to keep up with the pace of technology.

The latest breakthrough for Joel is in a removable cable – helpful for everything from operating system updates to cable malfunction.


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