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Melisa Joy

Melisa Joy

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Melisa Joy grew up crafting. “My family was very imaginative and resourceful. Growing up in a family that enjoyed creating meant a footstool was a pretend car, scraps of wood became hand-painted ornaments, and the front porch was a makeshift summer art gallery. My mom taught me how to embroider and I was always learning new ways to turn something into something else. That really helped me to see past what was there and think further into what it could be. ”

As a native Chicagoan, Melisa Joy is in constant awe of west coast and now happily calls it home. Inspired by traveling, colors, texture, natural beauty, and people; she is passionate about the connection that extends through handcrafting. “There’s something very special to me about transforming material into a lovely object. Slowing down to focus on turning yarn into a wearable accessory, or string into a small work of art, requires care and attention that I love putting into my work.”  

Melisa enjoys being a part of all the stages in her design process. She’s deeply in love with the tactile elements of handmade. Having worked as an Industrial Designer in mass R&D, Melisa wanted to ensure that handmade didn’t lose its voice.  She began crocheting in 2005 and set out to on modernize an age-old craft. Each item is handmade in her home studio in San Francisco. Crochet cannot be done by machine, so she takes pride in the fact that she provides an art form that mass retailers often limit themselves from.  

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