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Marja (MAR-ya) started on her career in metalsmithing while pursuing a Ph.D. in Psychology. To distract from the stress of dissertation analyses, she explored various jewelry techniques at a local studio and fell in love. Degree complete, she left academia and began to pursue metalsmithing full time (with a several year hiatus, during which her two wonderful kids arrived on the scene).

In part influenced by the arrival of her children, Marja prioritized an environmentally conscious approach to her work.  In this line as in her first jewelry line, lemonade handmade jewelry, Marja uses recycled and fair-mined metals whenever possible and takes pains to minimize the chemicals used in her studio. All jewelry is made by hand in her small studio in the San Francisco Bay Area. Marja also collaborates with a local independent small business to cast some components of her pieces.

Marja creates jewelry notable for clean lines and striking details, mixing metals and textures to create looks that are eye-catching but still perfect for everyday wear.

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