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Kathy Bransfield

Kathy Bransfield

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Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Kathy Bransfield's jewelry is unique to each and every person. Each and every piece of hers is customized with a special saying that speaks to individuals.  She is influenced to create from her surroundings. Kathy is in love with anything related to nature and this motivates her design. 

From a very young age, she had a passion of jewelry making and found her calling of jewelry designing. By age 15, she left her home to go and pursue her passion by selling her jewelry across states. 

After experimenting with different techniques of beading, she decided to try metal-smithing classes. With the help and support of her dad, she received a stamping kit that sent her jewelry passion spiraling. Kathy was inspired by a love poem that hung in her work space, titled "Book Necklace." This particular poem built the foundation of her style. She loved the way a person could turn jewelry pieces into a personal gratification piece that they could wear, reminding them to stay strong when times are tough, and spoke to just them. Kathy has traveled to different cities, countries, and has seen different cultures, influencing her hand stamped quotes on her pieces. Now, you can view Kathy's necklaces across countries and see her unique pieces, handmade with love. 

25 years into the jewelry business, Kathy resides in Culver City, CA with her husband and business partner, Eric, and their two children. 


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