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“I was a very rebellious little girl,” laughs Debby Icide, owner and creator of Gaia Essentials, a luxurious line of soap and skincare products created in California’s beautiful Half Moon Bay.

See, before she was growing her own herbs for her 100 percent organic hand crafted soaps Debby was the first women to go through automotive technical school, and spent many years in the business.  

In 2004, Gaia Essentials owner Debby Icide switched gears to embrace a long-held passion for botanicals.  Gaia Essentials was born out of desire for a fulfilling new career and a personal need for some really good soap & moisturizers.

Growing up, Debby learned much about the plant kingdom from her father who grew acres of plants from seed to harvest in his greenhouse & nursery business and uses some of that knowledge in her business today. 

Channeling her rebellious youth, she committed herself to only using 100 percent organic, sustainably harvested ingredients and essential oils - no extracts, no shortcuts.

Produced by hand in small batches, each Gaia Essentials product is made from organic food-grade ingredients that are unrefined.

All aromas are derived exclusively from certified botanical essential oils, wild-harvested herbs and flora and each recipe is meticulously crafted using a vast set of knowledge gleaned from basic skin nutrition and holistic medicine. 

The business name comes from the goddess Gaia. Also known as Mother Earth, Gaia is a nurturer Debby strives to emulate in the careful crafting of her products. In turn, all of her skincare & aromatherapy products are geared to nurture and enrich you with every use.

“My goal was to make product that was one hundred percent good for you. I don’t use any cheap fillers - every ingredient is organic, sustainable harvested, food grade. If you wouldn’t eat it, you shouldn’t put it on your skin.”

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