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Smudging: An Ancient Practice Comes Back

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The act of smudging, dates as far back as the Native American times where natural herbs were used as a

way of life. 

What is a smudge stick? 

A smudge stick is a bundle of herbs, flowers, and greenery that is ignited at one end to get rid of the negative energy. It cleanses, brings healing to the room, a person's aura, soul, and brings positive energy into spaces where it is needed the most. When ignited, the smoke from the bundle of herbs is used to detox the room. The most commonly used plants for cleansing a space are, sage, tobacco, cedar, sweet grass, juniper, and lavender. Different types of plants are used for different emotions a person would like to achieve when they ignite the smudge stick. 

Come down to Makers Market and cleanse your home with our new cedar and rose smudge sticks from Among The Flowers. Cedar is used to ward of any sickness and rose purifies the room. 

A beautiful Native American ancient tradition that is carried on today. 

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