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Maker Pick: Judith Poe

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"A woman can feel beautifully empowered when adorned with the right piece of jewelry. And that is my ultimate goal-to make women feel beautiful in their own bodies." -Judith Poe

One of the many Makers Market favorites in our store, Judith Poe's jewelry is such a beauty to behold. Judith's designs are just as elegant as herself and crafted with detail. Her encouragement to women is that wearing a piece of her line will help a woman feel empowered, independent, and ready to face whatever challenge lies ahead of her. 

Three years ago, Judith began her love of jewelry by taking a simple jewelry class. Before she knew it, she was making her own pieces for her friends and started hitting amazing results. She took off on social media, became an icon, and started acquiring custom orders. Now, her designs are carried in boutiques across the U.S. 

Judith believes that jewelry is unique and each design speaks to an individual. Society tells people how to be and being different in your jewelry choices, makes it all the more while to wear that piece that catches your own eye. We love having Judith Poe in our store and enjoy having her at our Makers Market in the Park Events. Come by our Santana Row store and see the detailed creations of Judith Poe's jewelry. 

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