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Maker Pick: A Rustic Heart

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If you have visited one of our stores, you might have noticed the unique, clever wooden signs that hang on our walls. That is the beautiful work of Vanessa. One of our many long time favorite makers, Vanessa resides right here in San Jose. She is always at our Makers Market in the Park events with her vast array of handmade signs that make people laugh, chuckle, and warm their homes. 

She is a mother first and a maker second. Since her childhood days, she has always enjoyed learning how to craft handmade goods. Vanessa decided to take a break from her full-time job to devote all her hours to her children. Even though she enjoyed being CEO of her home, she missed working and using her hands. Thus, A Rustic Heart was born. Between being a dedicated mom to her three children, she spends a fair amount of time perfecting her craft. Vanessa loves expressing this creative side that has always been in her. 

Next time you stop in to one of our stores, look on our walls for her handmade signs and bless your home with one. Thank you Vanessa for giving our walls love and decor! 

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