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Introducing CarmenQ Jewelry!

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I like to think of my art as landscapes in metal, fusing elegance with everyday wearability. - CarmenQ Jewelry 

Truly stunning, CarmenQ Jewelry designs radiate intricate style. Each piece is handcrafted with love and Carmen says she wants to "help her clients make confident decisions about jewelry that best radiates their true nature." Her jewelry style mixes multiple stones and gems with metals, making a wearable medley for people to enjoy. 


Carmen studied and graduated with a degree in metal work and design from the California College of the Arts in 1996. Since then, she has been blessed to be able to start her own jewelry line. 

She regularly attends gem trade shows and is constantly inspired by her visits. Her designs are vast in number, each different from every other piece she creates. She claims, "If I didn’t contain my excitement, I’d be creating a new line every two months!" Carmen's pieces encourage and celebrate every person's uniqueness. 

Now, she is currently residing in her studio, located in Novato, California. There, Carmen designs and helps people find accessories that will speak true to their style. She believes in helping a person accessorize, bringing out their personality. Come down and check out CarmenQ designs and see if any catch your eye! 

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