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Nikki Katz's passion for artistic endeavors began at a very young age. “I have always been a person who loves to create with my hands,” she says. As a child, she sold woven objects, handmade necklaces, and painted rocks throughout her neighborhood, pulling her creations behind her in a little red wagon. After high school, she studied fashion design and graduated from the rigorous DAAP program at The University of Cincinnati with a Bachelors of Science in Design. Her education combined classroom and workshop experience with multiple professional internships.

After graduation, Nikki worked for Souchi, a knitwear company in San Francisco. She operated her own knitwear company, Nikk, for several years and later worked as a design assistant for Corey Lynn Calter, a women’s fashion designer.

Assembly of the Wild evolved out of Nikki’s involvement as a blogger for Little Paper Planes, an online art marketplace which evolved into a community for artists and art aficionados. She was invited to create pieces for a holiday showcase, beginning with a custom fringe necklace. The first Assembly of the Wild piece was the Leather Fringe Pouch, designed as a stylish and functional necklace for carrying ID and payment cards.

Nikki’s current work features accessories made from unusual materials with distinct textures. Brass, leather, crochet, macramé, and vintage wood come together in artful, inspiring designs to enrich everyday living. All items are handcrafted for quality and durability. Assembly of the Wild pieces are American-made, produced in sunny Laguna Niguel in Southern California.

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