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A Summer Afternoon

A Summer Afternoon

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A Summer Afternoon

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Erin and Aaron are a husband and wife team making wooden cars, rattles, teethers, blocks, developmental, Waldorf and Montessori toys. Their products are lovingly made of quality, natural, eco-friendly materials, safety-tested and approved by their own young children. Whenever possible, they use untreated re-purposed wood, and recycled packaging materials.

The Nulands started this business so that they could really enjoy time as a family while their boys are young, and because they wanted their boys to have quality, natural toys that were handmade in the USA. When coming up with designs for their toys, the Nulands always keep in mind the developmental skills they would love to encourage in their own children, such as fine and gross motor skills, sorting, counting, and especially creativity and imagination. A Summer Afternoon products are finished with non-toxic, child-safe linseed oil (comes from flaxseed) or natural food-safe beeswax.

The Nulands pride themselves in making safe, fun, beautiful products that are durable enough to be passed down for generations.

Products from A Summer Afternoon

  • Hardwood Blocks Toy


  • Children's Wood Helicopter Toy


  • Walnut Wood Toy Car


  • Wood Kids Stacking Toy| Made in USA


  • Children's Tow Truck Toy



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